The Lancashire Scooter Alliance

The Lancashire Scooter Alliance was formed in 2000, originally being Lancashire Alliance Scooter Association, then shortening to Lancashire Scooter Alliance. It was the idea of Keith Davies who wanted to do something to help the local scene and encourage scootering in the area. He then approached local clubs with the idea (without whom it would not be here today) and the first ride-out came about to Preston in May 2000 having a good turnout and starting the ball rolling for years to come. The concept was to get the clubs to work together and pick various venues throughout the North West and meet there on set dates, varying them year by year as to promote scootering throughout the Northwest and encouraging new blood into the scene (without whom we are a dinosaur breed). Originally there where 14 ride-outs per year but now 7 day rides and 7 mid-week rides to accommodate the surge in popularity of other events popping up and to try and accommodate every-bodies needs. It is a non profit organisation, with money from merchandise going back in to paying for flyers and website.

Thank you everybody for your support over the years and hopefully into the future.